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创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文

  • 2023-11-20 23:50:02

导语:生活知识的应用,将帮助你更好地了解社交媒体和网络安全,保护个人隐私和网络信息安全。创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文下面我们一起来看看吧


创业者之歌作文英语,I have a dream

Grass dream to be tall, of the sun take a cool and pleasant dream ; the stream to the sea, with its become the largeness of mind open to all the creatures ; dreams early in the air, as serene sky a brighter life. i have a dream, dreaming of becoming a gust of wind. i have a dream, dreaming of becoming a gust of wind and a spring breeze. and softly i on white.

I have a dream, dreaming of becoming a gust of wind and to take all the happiness and joy. the two were lying in the yard, carefully counted the stars, chanting by altair, bright eyes bright as the image of regular ; however, the bed before the frost is on the ground and seemed to have seen that li sighed for home form ; face of heaven, isn't, i have a dream.

创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文


关于“大学生自主创业”的英语作文,谁提供篇好点的,谢谢帮忙!,College Students’ Starting Their Own Undertakings

7a6f264 Nowadays there are many college students who choose to start their own undertakings instead of finding a job after graduation. The government encourages this practice, and provides many preferential policies and facilitation measures for college students. This phenomenon has aroused great concern from the whole society.

  However, why do so many college students take the way of starting their own undertakings? Firstly, college students are facing severe employment situations. Many college graduates couldn’t find ideal jobs, which forces them to set up their own businesses. Moreover, some ambitious college students are not satisfied with being employed by others. They want to develop and prove their talents by running their own businesses. Besides, the government’s encouragement and the media’s reports on college students venture stars have stimulated more college students’ enthusiasm to take this way.

  As for me, it is a good choice for college students to start their own undertakings. However, it is a very difficult cause, which needs firm determination, clear mind, ability to endure hardship and a feasible project. Therefore, think it over and make full preparation before you decide to start your own business.

创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文


关于大学生毕业后自主创业的英文作文,I'm in my third year now in Environmental Sciences. And what do I want to do with my B.S. once I graduate? Become a librarian. Yes, I know it sounds completely random and unrelated, but that's my master plan. Right now I'm preparing for all those crazy grad school applications that I'll be sending in next fall.

I began thinking about what kind of skills I have and what kind of jobs would complement my natural interests. I've thought about becoming a librarian dozens of times growing up but for some strange reason, I never took it seriously. But it popped back into my mind as I was contemplating all this. So I began to do some research and I also talked to a lot of family and friends. It's crazy because everyone I shared with gave me a lot of affirmation and encouragement about pursuing it!

If there's anything you can get out of my strange journey I hope it's the comfort and reassurance that you don't always have to know what you want to do in the near future. And it's okay to change majors or even pursue a major that may not necessarily be related to your future career. You should enjoy what you're studying. But also seek after what you really love.

创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文


创造性的力量为题的英语作文,Su**ess Belongs to the Persevering

Nothing can be more exciting than su**ess to a man. But you must face many difficulties before you can su**eed. No one can make it easily. And it's harder for those who are in adverse conditions to su**eed. However,everything has two sides. Just as someone said, in every adversity there lies the seed of an advantage and in every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time. The most important forus is to establish a brief, that is perseverance. The British ex-prime minister Winston Churchill had a motto of "Never, never, never, never give up . Nothing can substitute for hard work. Life is a process of struggle for su**ess.

创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文



第一点:再就业优惠证。政策规定需要再户口所在社区办理再就业优惠证,就是相当于找不到工作的一种证明。试问:如果你在大学里学有所长,有一定能力和才华的人毕业后怎么会找不到工作???以我为例,我在09年春节的时候就已经和单位签约了,工作还很不错,空余时间也比较多。 我想利用空余的时间做自己的事情,也就是创业。 但是和单位签约了就办不了再就业优惠证,也就是真正有能力而且有自己的创业理想的人反而办不了**,仔细想想,滑稽至极!!!可笑至极!!!

第二点:户口。 政策规定**人的户口必须是武汉市常住人口户口。天啦,这个规定真是太厉害了,卡死了很多人,非武汉市本地大学生毕业后户口托管在武汉也只是武汉市的集体户口,不能落户,非武汉市本地的学生毕业后想**,可见不是一般的有难度!!!








创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文


关于大学生就业难是选择找工作,还是自主创业,谈谈自己的想法,英语作文,in recent years, college students find it increasingly difficult to get a job. it sounds strange since young college students are usually intelligent, well-educated phenomenon, aspirant and eager to bring their talent into full play. then what underlies the strange phenomenon?

there are several reasons for this. to begin with, nowadays college students aim too high. all they want are “good” jobs which could offer good salary, comfortable working conditions, high social status among others. consequently, most college students are unwilling to a**ept vacant jobs they consider not “good” enough. another reason is that there is a big gap between the majors some students study in school and the demands of vacant jobs. so companies think some students are not fit for the jobs.

solution to the problem requires efforts on both the society and the students. the companies should value the students, talent and knowledge while the latter should not merely aim at material gains. they should be down-to–earth in building up their career. furthermore, they should face their weak points so as to improve themselves and be more competent.

创业者之歌作文英语 求一篇关于大学生创业利与弊的英语作文